Aug 272018

Arvind talks about new research findings and tools to assess risk and tackle Coronary Heart Disease.

Everyone is aware of rising incidence of cardiovascular disease and more particularly Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) due to Atherosclerosis. What is sad is that most of these cases are preventable, controllable or even perhaps reversible if TRUE risk factors were assessed early and corrective action taken at an early stage.

Recent research in this field has given us new insights and important tools to assess the risk more accurately. Unfortunately most people may still be focussing on Cholesterol/LDLC (Low-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol) as sole target for intervention. Growing body of research suggests that, although LDLC is one of the causative factors, LDLC by itself may not be an accurate risk factor. It is now being realised that a subclass called small dense LDLC and LDLP (LDL Particle Number) ARE far better risk indicators. And there is no correlation between LDLC and LDLP or sdLDL (small dense low density lipoprotein). Research is also showing that risk markers such as Tri Glycerides and Insulin levels have more bearing on the risk for CHD. In that case we may be barking up the wrong tree and concentrating only on reducing LDLC.

We would understand how high insulin levels affect Atherosclerosis process. This is the reason why people with Diabetes type II have such high incidence of CHD. In fact high insulin levels due to insulin resistance is the basic root cause for all the diseases of the cluster known as Metabolic Syndrome.

Finally we would take a look at what actions we can take in terms of lifestyle changes and medicines to prevent, stabilize and even reverse the disease. You may be surprised to find that to overcome diseases connected with metabolic syndrome like Obesity, Diabetes Type II and also excessive TG / sdLDL levels connected with CHD, the diet solution is identical and that is to replace carbs with fat.

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Oct 312014

Arvind Pendse’s talk on 23rd August -It’s not about managing your stress, it’s not about reducing your stress, it’s about eliminating stress from your life. In his words – I am sure that everyone feels that he/she knows what stress is and many of you feel that it is an inevitable and unavoidable part of modern life. Unfortunately very few people have a true understanding of what stress is, what it does to our physical and mental health and are not aware that a goal of stress elimination is realistic and achievable. The talk will provide the scientific knowledge to set you up on your journey to understand this devil and to get rid of it.

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Jul 022013

Continuing our practice of getting maverick thinkers and speakers, the IITBAA Pune Chapter has invited Dr. Rajiv Sharangpani to talk about how to lead a healthy and fit life till your last day, and how NOT to get trapped in the so called “healthcare system” which is getting more insidiously commercial by the day. According to Dr. Sharangpani what we have in the developed countries, and now in India, is not Health-care but disease-care. It is an eco-system that tries to maximise return on investment by the various stakeholders – doctors, hospitals, pharma companies, and medical equipment manufacturers. It does this by creating a fear psychosis, and prescribing unnecessary tests, medicines and surgeries, sometimes doing great harm to the “customer”, the hapless patients.

Dr Sharangpani has a Masters degree in General Surgery from BJ Medical College, Pune, and a Diploma in Sports Medicine from Cologne, Germany. He practiced surgery for a few years, but gave it up because he felt that many of the surgeries were unnecessary, where there was nothing wrong with the patient. He has since developed his own unique approach and system of physical, mental and attitudinal exercises for staying healthy, and for dealing with health issues if you have them. May of his patients are people who have run from to pillar to post looking for a cure for various ailments, and end up at his consulting room. Most of them leave happy that there is nothing “wrong” with them, and that they do not need surgery or any other medical intervention.

Dr. Sharangpani is a former fast bowler in the Maharastra Ranji cricket team, has trekked in the Himalayas, Africa and South America, and practices and teaches Yoga, meditation, and Tai Chi. He has written many books on health and fitness, and travels widely in India and overseas to lecture. His website is

The talk will be followed by beer and lunch.

When: 11am on 14/July (Sunday)
Where: GS Lab Terrace, 9th floor, Above Food Bazaar, Baner Road, Baner (map)
Registration: Rs 300 per person (Beer to be paid at actuals) with lunch, Rs 100 without lunch

This is a PAN IIT event. Please register and pay in advance. On-the-spot registrations will be Rs. 400