Sep 142016

The IITBAA Pune Chapter had invited Dr Deepak Ranade on 27/Aug/2016 to talk about consciousness and the brain.

Dr. Ranade explored the anthropological basis of the nervous system and walked the audience through its evolution from the unicellular organism up to the present day human nervous system.

Consciousness is considered to be a uniquely human faculty. Dr. Ranade discussed the various facets of consciousness such as:

  • Is the brain the essential substrate for consciousness?
  • The Hierarchy of consciousness
  • Quantum physics and the Quantum approach to consciousness.
  • Neurotheology and the “God centre”

Dr. Deepak Ranade did his MBBS and MS in BJ Medical College in Pune. He is currently Professor and Head of Department Of Neurosurgery, at D.Y. .Patil Medical college in Pimpri which is recognised for its M.Ch (Neurosurgery). He has published several papers in Neurosurgery in reputed international journals of medicine.

May 272014

Watch Arvind Pendse’s talk about Emotions, Neuroplasticity and how we interpret world around us.

Emotions: What are emotions? Why are they there? Are they universal or culture based? What is Emotional Quotient? How important is it? Can we improve EQ? Can we regulate and control emotions? Can we conquer anger and other negative emotions, addictions and impulsive behavior? Two levels at which reprogramming could be done to regulate formation of emotions and their effect on our actions. Our personality is nothing but our emotional make up. How much of it is inborn? How much of it is genetic? Can we really mould our personality?

Brain Plasticity: Part of the answers of questions raised above are in knowing how plastic our brain is and how much can we change it? What are some of the techniques? Principles behind the techniques like meditation. Interesting actual examples of change in brain network would be discussed. Any discussion about what is changeable and what is not changeable would be incomplete without understanding how and to what extent our genes control us.

Mistakes in interpreting world around us: Some interesting examples of how we are genetically and evolutionarily programmed to commit mistakes in interpreting world around us. Understanding of these natural tendencies can help us avoid these mistakes and lead more rational life.

Aug 132013

In our endeavour to get interesting speakers, the IITBAA Pune Chapter has invited Arvind Pendse a 1970 IITB alumnus in Chemical Engineering to share his knowledge about the human brain and mind functioning with us.

Have you ever wondered about the following

  • Why are there so many differences in ability, temperament and personality in the human species?
  • Are people born that way or do they became so? Which abilities are inherited and which are developed or acquired?
  • Why can’t intelligent, good, decent people quit addictions and bad habits? What prevents us from doing things that we want to do and stop doing things that we do not want to do?
  • What are emotions, how are they produced in us and can we control them?
  • What are the limits of the power of the mind and what effect does it have on our health, intelligence, personality and even physical power? Do prayers/curses work? Are concepts such as placebo effect, clairvoyance, sixth sense, fortune telling scientific? Are methods such as autosuggestion, hypnosis and NLP, Scientific and do they work?
    And finally, Can we learn to become happy NO MATTER WHAT?

Well all these questions bothered Arvind a lot. He sought answers to these puzzles by looking at these issues from various angles of psychology, medicine, brain chemistry, Biology, evolution and Genetics and since he had a unique exposure to these diverse but relevant fields, he could connect all the dots and now he feels that he does have scientific answers and explanations to the above and many other similar puzzles about human mind and its capability and he would like to share as much of the above knowledge with you as the time permits.

Where: Synerzip, 3rd Floor, Revolution Mall, Above Big Bazaar, Kothrud
When: Sunday, Aug 25 2013 @ 10.30am (2 hours)

This is a PAN IIT event. Spouses & other family interested are welcome.