May 032016

In our endeavour to get interesting speakers, the IITBAA Pune Chapter invited Navin Kabra to talk on 16th April 2016.

In his words…
Modern life is quite different from the world our parents grew up in; and a lot of what we do in our lives and careers has no parallels in what they did. So it appears that we’re on our own as far as navigating this new world is concerned. I take timeless advice from the Gita and show how, with appropriate mappings to modern concepts, the advice is surprisingly effective. And I show how it parallels advice from modern gurus like Marc Andreessen, Paul Graham, and Scott Adams. I also try to provide empirical/scientific backing from the work of researchers in the areas of psychology, sociology, and game theory.

This is not about ancient-India-was-great, but practical, useful tips to bring order to the chaos of the internet-enabled life. We’ve all grown up hearing quotes from the Gita (including Karmanye vaadhikaraste). Some years ago, I decided to seriously read the Gita and then see what parts of it could actually be applied to modern life, and whether any of it appeals to my (modern/western/atheistic) sensibilities.

In the talk, I’ll pick out selected passages from the Gita (there’s a lot I rejected as not being relevant to this talk, and to my sensibilities as a materialistic atheist). For each one of those, I will give examples of situations from entrepreneurship, or professional/family relationships, or even simply social media management, and who how the Gita’s wisdom is a useful framework to evaluate alternative courses of action. For each, there will also be examples of advice from modern gurus, or scientists/researchers that is roughly equivalent.

Feb 262016

The IITBAA Pune Chapter had invited Dr Aniruddha Joshi to talk on digitising Nadi Parikshan. (

Aniruddha is a PhD in CS from IITB in 2011. His specialization is data analysis and biomedical signal processing. He received a CSIR fellowship during his PhD, and a further grant to a develop a prototype from his thesis concept to digitize the wrist Pulse. He has formed a company to develop a new-age wearable technology by combining ancient personalized medical science with modern approaches. He has two patents and more than 15 papers in international journals and conferences.

Aniruddha shared the motivation and technology behind the development of healthcare gadget for lifestyle disorders and wellness indications. How the concept was taken shape into the current form, salient features of the gadget and its future scope.

Jul 012015

Sudhir Bapat spoke about how Yog goes beyond asanas and pranayam and is more of a holistic lifestyle. The occasion was a talk organised by IITBAA Pune chapter on the occasion of International Yoga Day. Sudhir has been learning Classical Yog since 2004, from renowned Yogi Dr. Samprasad Vinod (

Jun 042015

The IITBAA Pune Chapter had invited Shashikant Limaye to talk on 2nd May, 2015. He was to talk on the Konkan Railway Project – the leadership and management, technical, political and other challenges faced. However, as the Pune Metro committee has just completed and submitted its report, he talked instead on the Pune Metro since interest in that topic was more.

Shashikant Limaye did his Civil Engineering from COEP Pune & was a Gold medallist. He did his MTech in Structural Eng from IITB in 1973. He was subsequently with the Railways, with Konkan Railway from 1990-1998 & since 2013 associated with the Pune metro project.

He covered the need for a Metro in Pune city, the studies done to show the future transport requirements & the initial plans to have 2 metro corridors. He also cleared up a lot of misconceptions in the minds of the audience, some of them a result of the unwarranted negative publicity. The talk was attended by about 50 alumni, some of whom are active participants in shaping the future of Pune. There was a interesting Q & A session after the talk. Watch the recording of the talk below…