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Just want to share with you all that there are two Photograpy exhibitions running simultaneously (today and tomorrow) in Pune:

1. Pune Municipal Corporation Art Gallery, Opp. Mahatma Phule Museum, Ghole Road

2. Bal Gandharva Rang Mandir: Subject is Leh Laddakh

You may want to take a look at these photo exhibits either specifically going there for the event or dropping by if you are in the area anyway. Please do check the timing before going there. The Exhibitions are likely to be till Sunday evening but please check the time.

Further, there is Pune Marathon tomorrow and I am told that that also offers a very good photo opportunity to all. Some of us would be going there at 6:30 am tomorrow.

Please do write back to all if you have any information that helps others to take part in the above events.

Regards. Vivek Shesh

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Nov 192012
All Photography lovers,
After our last meeting on Saturday, 3rd November when we went through some basics of Photography and which was well received by the attendees (some of them joining for the first time), we propose to go on our next outing as follows:
Date: Sunday, 25th November 2012
Venue: Purandar Fort (about 50km from Deccan Gym or 1 hr 15 mins drive)
Road to take: via Saswad or Bangalore highway
Time and place for meeting: 6am Opposite Deccan Gymkhana bus stop
Since it is going to be half a day outing, we would have lunch together at a convenient place on our way back.
Please let us know your plan to join the group at the earliest or by end of the day of Wednesday so that appropriate transport can be arranged. 
A brief information on the fort:

Purandar is about 40kms south-east of Pune and some 10kms south-west of Sasawad.  Preched on a gigantic mountain mass, its height above sea-level is 1398 metres and about 700 metres above the plain at its foot.  It really comprises two fortresses: Purandar, the stronger and more important of the two, and Vajragarh, small sister for t situated on a ridge running out east of it.  Purandar has two parts: the upper or Balekilla with precipitous sides all around and the lower part or machi about 300 metres above the plain. On the north side of the lower part there is a broad terrace comprising the cantonment area of the fortifications.  There are many monuments, old and new, on the terrace.  Towards the east of the terrace, beyond a narrow ridge, lies the fort of Vajragarh, also called Rudramal.

 File:Purandar Fort entrance 2.jpg    
We are in the process of finalizing the venues for the next 8-10 outings which may be from half a day outing to one full day and overnight outing also. Your suggestions would be welcome.
Vivek Shesh
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Nov 072012

This should be an interesting read for all of you who want to share pictures online. If you’ve used Picasa and PicasaWeb (the online version that is well integrated with the desktop Picasa tool) then you will appreciate this flow a lot more.

If you are not biased towards Google technologies, here is something more general from the same place,

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Article reference:

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Nov 042012

After my talk on the Basics of Art Photography, came across the following quote in one of the books on photography. I think the author has put it very succinctly. Thought of sharing with the group.  Vivek, please share with alumni who are not part of the portal.


Successful communication of your message is the essence of creative photography. Reporting the scene is shirking your responsibility; interpreting the scene is accepting the challenge. Though the scene may or may not be your creation, the photograph always is! So don’t just stop with the things you saw; add your comments, feelings, and opinions. Put them all into the photograph. Express your point of view. Argue for your position. Convince the viewer of the validity of your conclusions. Understand what you want to say! Understand how you want to say it! Then say it without compromise! Now you are thinking in terms of creative photography!


Oct 312012
Dear Photography enthusiasts
After the exhibition of photographs (taken by alumni) on 6th October alongside the talk by Mr Arvind Gupta and an outing to Mauli Hills near Khadakwasla dam a week later, it is now time for us to assemble for our monthly meeting to discuss and analyze the activities of the past month.
There has been a long pending demand by the members to hold a session on Photography Basics although the same was conducted about a year ago in one of these monthly meetings. Milind Joshi has consented to design the subjects for discussion and spread them over 2-3 sessions. The material to be covered or the depth of information to be imparted can always be modified as per the members’ demand. Further please note that we would welcome and encourage the alumni to get their family members interested in Photography, on such meetings and outings.
So all those who have been waiting for this opportunity can make a beginning here.
Venue: 7th floor, Vishalgadh Conference room, GS Lab, above Food Bazar, Baner
(Dedicated uncovered car parking fenced with barbed wire for GS Labs is provided opp. Food Bazar across a small lane; please enquire with the security staff there)
Date:     Saturday, 3rd November 2012
Time:     5:30 pm (we would like to start the programme sharp by 5:30 so that we can end it by 7:00)
Please do let us have your confirmation to attend in advance so that necessary arrangement for a larger capacity room, if required, can be made in time.
The members who have already spent some time following this hobby and are through the basics, can also be present to share their experiences with others.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank Milind Padhye wholeheartedly for his initiative to invite all of us to his farm house at Mauli Hills and provide an opportunity to take some good pictures of plants and flowers. Needless to say, the snacks and food arrangement made by MP followed by a short visit to Madhukar Bhatia’s place added that flavor of a picnic and bonding among the members.
Awaiting your feedback for the meeting on Saturday.
Vivek Shesh
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