Vivek Shesh

83 batch passout from IIT Mumbai in Mechanical Engineering; 12 years with Larsen & Toubro followed by another 12 year stint with YBA Kanoo Group in Saudi Arabia and now very comfortably settled in Pune working with Demag Cranes & Components (India) for the last five years; dabbled with photography during college days and a little bit when I worked as a service engineer on sites.

Mar 202013

Dear Group members,

After a lull in our activities for about a couple of months, we are back again to get out of our homes on an early weekend morning and continue with our photographic explorations.

The next outing venue is an oasis right within us but due to its close proximity and easy access, it has been more of a “ghar ki murgi daal barabar”. This time around we are trying to prove to all our members that a good photo opportunity need not necessarily be in Laddakh or at the tea gardens of Munnar (Milind, no offence meant!) but it’s right there, under our noses, for us to notice and capture.

Our own University of Pune (UoP) is one such place where there is no dearth of beautiful and varied flora & fauna, range of architectural creations, people in their myriads of moods and the breathtaking sunrise through the thick vegetation of the campus.

In order to catch the sunrise, we plan to meet at the main entrance at 6 am on Sunday, 24th March and then set out on our quest for a naughty squirrel climbing a tree up and down or a modern building juxtaposing a British era architectural beauty. I am sure the fresh and cool breeze and an ambience immersed in natural splendor might just induce many of you to make it (UoP) the venue for a regular weekend morning jaunts with family and friends. The exuberance and liveliness of the place is only to be experienced to be believed, not to mention the much needed relaxation with family members / friends.

So see you on Sunday morning at the University entrance fully equipped with your gear.

Vivek Shesh

NB: After about a couple of hours of wandering and capturing moments / things we like, we could treat ourselves (irrespective of the outcome of our efforts, there are no credits and no grades, for a change) to a steaming South Indian / Maharasthrian breakfast, at a nearby tapri.

Dec 212012


Dear Friends,

This is to inform you that the Photographic Society of Pune ( has organized an exhibition on the theme of “Lyrical Landscape” at the Balgandharv Art Gallery.
The exhibition would be inaugurated on Monday, 24th December 2012 at 6 pm and would be open for viewers upto Thursday, 27th December 2012. The timing on 25th, 26th and 27th December would be 10 am to 9 pm.
An added incentive to pay a visit to the exhibition are two photographs displayed by Milind Joshi. In all about 60 pictures of size 16″ x 24″ would be on display. Needless to say that it offers very good opportunity for all the photography lovers to enhance our shooting and apprecation skills. Those of you wanting to go in a group and discuss the photographs on display, please coordinate with Milind Joshi who would also like to be present and gather comments / feedback.
This invitation is on behalf of the Photography Group of IITB AA Pune Chapter which has been, for the last year and a half, organizing outings to picturesque locales and meetings once every month. The Chapter has also held two exhibitions of the photographs taken by the members which were well appreciated by the alumni as well as other visitors.
The Group takes this opportunity to invite the alumni and their family members to join its activities and discover the artiste within you. Please contact Milind Joshi ( or Vivek Shesh ( for more information.
This month’s outing has been planned to coincide with the Alumni Day celebrations at the campus (Sunday, 30th December) which offers as good photo opportunities as most of the naturally endowed spots within 250 km radius of Pune. Further, various publications coming from the IIT need institute related good quality photographs. The Photography Group has been officially asked to use this opportunity and shoot some pictures, conveying the IIT ethos, for publication. All the members of the Group have a reason to feel proud of this recognition and confidence shown in us. Let us ensure that their belief in us is further reinforced by capturing some interesting moments at the campus and you can be sure there wouldn’t be any dearth such prospects. Those wanting to be at the campus during the sunrise on Sunday morning can contact us and we would try to get an accommodation for the night of 29th.
On behalf of the Photography Group
IITB AA Pune Chapter
Dec 072012



The next meeting of the Photography Group would be held as follows:

Date: Saturday, 8th December 2012

Time: 6:00 to 7:30 pm

Venue: Vishalgad meeting room, GS Labs, above Food Bazar, Baner Road (dedicated uncovered car park is available across the small lane by Food Bazar)


After the last month’s information on the basics of photography, we are planning to take a few photographs taken by the members and discuss the common errors and simple things that we overlook. Photos for discussion can be sent to Milind Joshi ( or to me ( If so desired, the photographers’ names would not be disclosed. So please send in your photos and 6 photos would be chosen which would allow discussion on all major aspects of good photography.


The result of the caption contest held during the last exhibition is as follows:

Photo                  Participant               Caption

Rani Shesh              Romantic Tranquility           

Dr. Raj Hirwani         Zebra

We congratulate both the participants and would be giving their gift during this meeting.

The last half an hour of the meeting would also be spent on some information on the upcoming exhibition being organized by Photography Club Of Pune. The theme of the exhibition would be Landscapes and Milind Joshi would be displaying two of his photographs there.

Look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Vivek Shesh



Dec 012012



Just want to share with you all that there are two Photograpy exhibitions running simultaneously (today and tomorrow) in Pune:

1. Pune Municipal Corporation Art Gallery, Opp. Mahatma Phule Museum, Ghole Road

2. Bal Gandharva Rang Mandir: Subject is Leh Laddakh

You may want to take a look at these photo exhibits either specifically going there for the event or dropping by if you are in the area anyway. Please do check the timing before going there. The Exhibitions are likely to be till Sunday evening but please check the time.

Further, there is Pune Marathon tomorrow and I am told that that also offers a very good photo opportunity to all. Some of us would be going there at 6:30 am tomorrow.

Please do write back to all if you have any information that helps others to take part in the above events.

Regards. Vivek Shesh

Mobile 9673331818

Nov 192012
All Photography lovers,
After our last meeting on Saturday, 3rd November when we went through some basics of Photography and which was well received by the attendees (some of them joining for the first time), we propose to go on our next outing as follows:
Date: Sunday, 25th November 2012
Venue: Purandar Fort (about 50km from Deccan Gym or 1 hr 15 mins drive)
Road to take: via Saswad or Bangalore highway
Time and place for meeting: 6am Opposite Deccan Gymkhana bus stop
Since it is going to be half a day outing, we would have lunch together at a convenient place on our way back.
Please let us know your plan to join the group at the earliest or by end of the day of Wednesday so that appropriate transport can be arranged. 
A brief information on the fort:

Purandar is about 40kms south-east of Pune and some 10kms south-west of Sasawad.  Preched on a gigantic mountain mass, its height above sea-level is 1398 metres and about 700 metres above the plain at its foot.  It really comprises two fortresses: Purandar, the stronger and more important of the two, and Vajragarh, small sister for t situated on a ridge running out east of it.  Purandar has two parts: the upper or Balekilla with precipitous sides all around and the lower part or machi about 300 metres above the plain. On the north side of the lower part there is a broad terrace comprising the cantonment area of the fortifications.  There are many monuments, old and new, on the terrace.  Towards the east of the terrace, beyond a narrow ridge, lies the fort of Vajragarh, also called Rudramal.

 File:Purandar Fort entrance 2.jpg    
We are in the process of finalizing the venues for the next 8-10 outings which may be from half a day outing to one full day and overnight outing also. Your suggestions would be welcome.
Vivek Shesh
Mobile 9673331818