Nov 222016

In an attempt to improve interaction between alumni of IITB & amongst other IITs in Pune, we will be having a networking function every six months. So twice a year, you will have a chance to potentially network with all IITans in Pune in one place. Be it helping with your career, business or leisure, alumni can help each other much more than anyone else because of the common roots we share. There are about 1,900 members in just the IITB alumni fraternity in Pune.

The second function for this year is planned for November 26, 2016 at GS Lab terrace. We are expecting a lot of participation from younger alumni.

Registration is neccesary. Please register at The function is open for alumni from all IITs. Every alumnus can also bring one other person who is interested in networking but not an IIT alumnus. The damages are Rs. 300 per head including a light dinner. Beer will be available for purchase at the venue. To facilitate more meaningful networking, a list of alumni who have registered and their interests shall be published on this website before the event, so please register early.

Before the networking begins, there will be a Q & A session with Srikrishna Karkare & Alka Karkare on their experience in building a manufacturing company. They are both IITB, C1982 graduates who met in IIT. They started Enpro ( which is a Global leader in Mechanical Fluid Systems. Both their sons are IIT graduates as well – one from IITB & another from IITKGP.