Mar 202013

Dear Group members,

After a lull in our activities for about a couple of months, we are back again to get out of our homes on an early weekend morning and continue with our photographic explorations.

The next outing venue is an oasis right within us but due to its close proximity and easy access, it has been more of a “ghar ki murgi daal barabar”. This time around we are trying to prove to all our members that a good photo opportunity need not necessarily be in Laddakh or at the tea gardens of Munnar (Milind, no offence meant!) but it’s right there, under our noses, for us to notice and capture.

Our own University of Pune (UoP) is one such place where there is no dearth of beautiful and varied flora & fauna, range of architectural creations, people in their myriads of moods and the breathtaking sunrise through the thick vegetation of the campus.

In order to catch the sunrise, we plan to meet at the main entrance at 6 am on Sunday, 24th March and then set out on our quest for a naughty squirrel climbing a tree up and down or a modern building juxtaposing a British era architectural beauty. I am sure the fresh and cool breeze and an ambience immersed in natural splendor might just induce many of you to make it (UoP) the venue for a regular weekend morning jaunts with family and friends. The exuberance and liveliness of the place is only to be experienced to be believed, not to mention the much needed relaxation with family members / friends.

So see you on Sunday morning at the University entrance fully equipped with your gear.

Vivek Shesh

NB: After about a couple of hours of wandering and capturing moments / things we like, we could treat ourselves (irrespective of the outcome of our efforts, there are no credits and no grades, for a change) to a steaming South Indian / Maharasthrian breakfast, at a nearby tapri.