Dec 252012
25th Dec 2012
Dear Friends,
Today, I visited the Photo Exihibition  organised by the  the Photographic Society of Pune (
on the theme of “Lyrical Landscape” at the Balgandharva  Art Gallery.
I was very impressed by the exhibits and thought that you all too  MUST visit the same. All the images are excellent. More than 50% of them are Black and white images, depicting  very high tonal range. The print size is big ( 16″ x24″) and the print quality is really impressive.
I feel that we all will learn a lot from this exhibition and it will help us prepare for our next exhibition.
The exhibition would be open for viewers upto Thursday, 27th December 2012. The timing on 25th, 26th and 27th December would be 10 am to 9 pm.
An added incentive to pay a visit to the exhibition are two photographs displayed by Milind Joshi.
Those of you wanting to go in a group and discuss the photographs on display, please coordinate with Milind Joshi who would also like to be present and gather comments / feedback.
It is a Must visit Exhibition and I feel that no one should miss this opportunity.
 Ravindra R. Prabhune
On behalf of the Photography Group
IITB AA Pune Chapter