Dec 212012


Dear Friends,

This is to inform you that the Photographic Society of Pune ( has organized an exhibition on the theme of “Lyrical Landscape” at the Balgandharv Art Gallery.
The exhibition would be inaugurated on Monday, 24th December 2012 at 6 pm and would be open for viewers upto Thursday, 27th December 2012. The timing on 25th, 26th and 27th December would be 10 am to 9 pm.
An added incentive to pay a visit to the exhibition are two photographs displayed by Milind Joshi. In all about 60 pictures of size 16″ x 24″ would be on display. Needless to say that it offers very good opportunity for all the photography lovers to enhance our shooting and apprecation skills. Those of you wanting to go in a group and discuss the photographs on display, please coordinate with Milind Joshi who would also like to be present and gather comments / feedback.
This invitation is on behalf of the Photography Group of IITB AA Pune Chapter which has been, for the last year and a half, organizing outings to picturesque locales and meetings once every month. The Chapter has also held two exhibitions of the photographs taken by the members which were well appreciated by the alumni as well as other visitors.
The Group takes this opportunity to invite the alumni and their family members to join its activities and discover the artiste within you. Please contact Milind Joshi ( or Vivek Shesh ( for more information.
This month’s outing has been planned to coincide with the Alumni Day celebrations at the campus (Sunday, 30th December) which offers as good photo opportunities as most of the naturally endowed spots within 250 km radius of Pune. Further, various publications coming from the IIT need institute related good quality photographs. The Photography Group has been officially asked to use this opportunity and shoot some pictures, conveying the IIT ethos, for publication. All the members of the Group have a reason to feel proud of this recognition and confidence shown in us. Let us ensure that their belief in us is further reinforced by capturing some interesting moments at the campus and you can be sure there wouldn’t be any dearth such prospects. Those wanting to be at the campus during the sunrise on Sunday morning can contact us and we would try to get an accommodation for the night of 29th.
On behalf of the Photography Group
IITB AA Pune Chapter