Sep 282012


Still waiting for more photos! So far I have received photos from Nandu Madhekar, Narendra and Nikunj. Request others like Mahdukar, Gautam, Ravindra(Gogte and Prabhune) etc. who actively participated in the last exhibition to send photos at the earliest. Hope you are well and clicking! My internet connectivity is spotty and unlikely to be restored till Monday. Hence request all to send me the photos and mark a copy to Vivek (

Also to reiterate

1. Please send only 10 photos. We simply do not have the time to go through whole lot of photographs. Also, send jpegs if you have sent links to online albums. If we get more than 10 photographs or online albums, request Vivek to select best 10 as per his choice. Would not recommend that as it should be the photographer who should decide this. Would have loved to assist some of you to select the best shots but we do not have the time. The ones who have sent me the photographs are abiding by this rule. Lets have uniformity here. Also respect the time of the selectors.

2. Maximum 4 photos from each participant. This can be relaxed only if we do not reach the target of minimum 24 photos or we find someone has more than 4 good photographs. This to be decided by the selectors (Vivek, Ranjit and myself).

@Nikunj, we no longer need to restrict the photos to children. If you want to send a better lot please do so.
@Ranjit, have discussed with the Executive Committee (EC) and am happy to let you know that we will accept photos from you. In future, we will do this on a case to case basis and subject to approval by the EC when the chapter is funding the activity. Please go ahead and send you best shots!
@Nandu Madhekar, @Narendra, if you want to change your photos you can still do it subject to the above rules.

We plan to have a meeting on Sunday at Raviraj at 10 AM to discuss the logistics for the exhibition. All of you are welcome to attend. Must attendees are Vivek and Ranjit who are the selectors. We will do the selection either just after the meeting or later in the day. Need to give the images to the printer by Monday latest. We also need to get the tiff images before that. Very tight schedule hence request all to follow the rules above.

Would like to receive more photographs and also suggestions. Call me if you need further clarification.