Aug 112012


Here are the pics from the photography group exhibition held on 7th & 8th of July. The response was great and we expect this to grow in the future. The first year of the of the group has come to a successful end and we hope to go from strength to strength going forward. Below are the pictures shortlisted for the exhibition as well as some of the exhibition itself.

Thanks to all the photographers for the photographs and also to those who took an active part without submitting any photographs! Hope to continue getting this support even in the future. Next year lets plan to have an even bigger exhibition. Do continue to participate in the monthly meetings and outings.

Apologies for posting rather late. Had to take care of some technical issues.

1. The exhibition:

2. The photographers:

(a) Milind Joshi

(b) Madhukar Bhatia

(c) Gautam Naidu

(d) Nikunj Vaidya

(e) Narendra Shukla

(f) Ravi Gogte

(g)Ravindra Prabhune

(h) Chandranath Shirwaikar


Milind Joshi