Jul 282012

We had a lively photowalk last Sunday morning around Baneshwar temple. Our Endeavour began from Deccan Bus-depot early morning. Temple was reached in early light before locals opened their shops which meant we had to begin taking pictures before the expected tea ritual. Squirrel, Fish, Bird, Temple dome and even Lemons were not left alone as we began our walk in earnest.

After an hour or so of this, the tea and snacks were made available (as more life woke up), we took a break and headed towards the waterfall. After a cool and refreshing walk through the tree-covered trail we were greeted with dry rocks and a small stream. Well, we continued gathering more light…
Baneshwar Waterfalls

More at,

  1. some sample pictures
  2. more making-of Baneshwar Photowalk pictures

ps: tell me if you have trouble getting to either of those links or the photos within.


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  1. About the broken 2nd link, try this one,
    If it is fine, I can probably replace that into the main post.

  2. Thanks Narendra,
    I am still waiting to see pictures from everyone :-)
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  3. The link “2.more making-of Baneshwar Photowalk pictures” does not open.


    The photos have come out well. 7000D is great.
    The squirrel could come out sharp even at 1/15 sec exposure. Amazing model.
    I sincerely feel I missed the excursion.