Mar 252017

Arvind talks about new research findings about Lifestyle diseases such as Diabetes, Obesity, Lipid Disorder, Cardio Vascular Disease where Insulin Resistance is possibly the root cause for all of them.

Lifestyle diseases have become biggest threat to health. Understanding science behind these disorders in an unbiased manner can remove many misconceptions and give leads on what to do, especially how to prevent these disorders. He tries to explain generally unknown but very important scientific facts about these disorders with an underlying theme that it is the insulin resistance (IR), which is the root cause for all these diseases, which are all clubbed under what is called metabolic syndrome.

He talks about Diabetes 2 in detail and explain how our body gives us a warning about possible diabetes nearly 15 years BEFORE we actually become diabetic. He discusses how diabetes 2 develops and how its origin is in excess and not deficit in Insulin production.

Dec 272016

IITBAA Pune Chapter has organized a Classic Rock Music program in Pune on 8th Jan, 2017 from 6pm onwards. The evening includes music, dinner & drinks. We are thankful to Enpro India who’ve partially sponsored this event.

The program shall have Shrikant Awalegaonkar -Ouch (C’79, H5) play the music of bands like Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, Cream, CCR, Dire Straits, Led Zeplin, Rolling Stones, ELP, Santana, Doors, Beatles, Steely Dan and many more! Ouch has been entertaining audiences all through his days at IITB and has never stopped since. Alongside his career in IT, he continues to perform regularly with his band in the US, swinging by at his alma mater to get back to his roots and touch base with where it all began.

Ouch has put a number of songs on You tube – 206 videos.

  1. Locomotive Breath- Jethro Tull- at IITB Golden Jubilee celebrations in New York in 2008
  2. Smoke on the water- Deep Purple in 2008
Where: 3rd floor, Hotel Sadanand, Baner Road
When: Sunday, 08 Jan 2017 @ 6pm
Cost: Rs 1500/- per person

This is a PAN IIT event. Spouses & other family interested are welcome. Let us have a rocking time together!

Dec 272016

The Y-Point Orchestra will have its next performance in Pune on 7th January 2017. The YPO has been going from strength to strength. In addition to the 3 shows they have had in Pune they have also performed in Delhi in Sept 15 & Goa in Oct 15.

Bal Shikshan Mandir English Medium School, Mayur Colony, Karve Road
When: Saturday, January 07 @ 5:30pm. Registration starts at 5pm
Cost: Rs 200/- per person

So get ready to enjoy your favourite Old Hindi Songs rendered by some amazingly talented IIT Alumni on the saxophone, accordion, keyboard, guitar etc., accompanying our very own Kishor Kumars, Rafis, Latas and Ashas. The main performance will last for about two hours. Snacks & Tea will be served. IITB Alumni are welcome to invite their families and friends to join the fun evening.

This will be in support of the GREAT Foundation an NGO started by Viney Kirpal a long time teacher at IITB. GREAT Foundation has aimed at providing quality education to the children of low income families attending government schools. They are currently focusing on setting up activity-based Science labs in government schools.

Tickets can be purchased at following locations (10am-6pm)

As the response will probably be more than the seats available please get your tickets as soon as possible.

Jyoti Pardeshi
Great Software Laboratory Private Limited
7th Floor, Amar Arma Genesis,
Baner Road, Baner (Opp Domino’s Pizza)
Pune – 411007
Tel: +91 20 4671 1000

Namrata, Vinod
Sprye Solutions,
Flat #4, Neeti Apartment,
Moreshwar Housing Society,
Baner Road, Pune
Tel: 020-65263999

Vilas Kulkarni’s Studio
Plot No 40 B, Swastishree Society
Chinmay Mission Lane, Near Cosmos Bank
Karvenagar, Pune 411051
Ph: 94220-16005

Ashish Belagali
Acism Software Private Limited,
Dnyanavatsal Commercial Complex (Synerzip building),
Opp. Vanadevi Mandir, Karve road
Karve Nagar, Pune – 411052
Ph: 98900-56365

GREAT Foundation’s appeal for donations

GREAT Foundation Pune, a registered Trust(E/3501) was founded in 2002 by Dr. Viney Kirpal to strengthen the core concepts in Science, Math, and English in less privileged children. A lean organization, it has already worked with 78 schools and over 40,000 students across Maharashtra, Karnataka and Delhi-NCR through its Projects ‘Science is Fun’, ‘Teach to Reach’ and its new flagship program’ Project Udaan’.

Project Udaan, started in May 2016 has 40 less privileged students on board, selected out of 200 who took the entrance test. The project aims to coach bright Std 9 students from government and low fee civic schools in the basic concepts of Physics, Chemistry, Math and Logical Reasoning for 4 years and prepare them for competitive exams such as the JEE.

You will meet the beneficiaries at the event with their parents. A 3-4 minute video will also be screened to help YPO event attendees understand the program better.

Nov 222016

In an attempt to improve interaction between alumni of IITB & amongst other IITs in Pune, we will be having a networking function every six months. So twice a year, you will have a chance to potentially network with all IITans in Pune in one place. Be it helping with your career, business or leisure, alumni can help each other much more than anyone else because of the common roots we share. There are about 1,900 members in just the IITB alumni fraternity in Pune.

The second function for this year is planned for November 26, 2016 at GS Lab terrace. We are expecting a lot of participation from younger alumni.

Registration is neccesary. Please register at The function is open for alumni from all IITs. Every alumnus can also bring one other person who is interested in networking but not an IIT alumnus. The damages are Rs. 300 per head including a light dinner. Beer will be available for purchase at the venue. To facilitate more meaningful networking, a list of alumni who have registered and their interests shall be published on this website before the event, so please register early.

Before the networking begins, there will be a Q & A session with Srikrishna Karkare & Alka Karkare on their experience in building a manufacturing company. They are both IITB, C1982 graduates who met in IIT. They started Enpro ( which is a Global leader in Mechanical Fluid Systems. Both their sons are IIT graduates as well – one from IITB & another from IITKGP.

Nov 192016

Pramod Phadke spoke about fat and cholesterol from a chemical engineer’s perspective. We hear so many terms and recommendations from various sources that a lay person gets more confused than enlightened. Pramod starts with definitions of various terms and significance of those parameters for good health, inter-relationships of various chemicals in the body, their formation etc. Some recommendations are discussed with the logic behind them, and others are contested.

Pramod Phadke is a 1967 IITB alumnus in Chemical Engineering. He subsequently did his MTech & worked in Consulting organizations. From 1977 operated as Consulting Chemical Engineer. He was involved in designing distillation columns & other chemical equipment. He has a keen interest in mathematical puzzles & has a website